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SoTo Capital

SoTo Capital

SoTo Capital makes active investments in interesting business ideas, where with active ownership we are able to significantly increase shareholder value in the short and medium-term.

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The success of the business rests on four things. As an active investor, we help to develop all these areas.

Aktiivinen Sijoittaminen

Game Plan

strategy, business plan and processes



with accurate knowledge, not just luck


Data driven leadership

science and art of success



skills to lead, sell and negotiate

Meet the team

                   Markku Tolvi



  • Founder / entrepreneur of Markku Tolvi Oy ( ), M.Sc.(Econ. ), Vice Judge

  • active coach in wind tunnel flying and jiujitero (BJJ).

  • Multiple time Finnish champion in wind tunnel flying and skydiving.


I have nearly twenty years of experience handling business law disputes as well as other business law assignments. Years of hard work have taught me a lot and convinced me that the success of small and medium-sized enterprises in particular requires an understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship and the business as a whole.

Few lawyers have the same level of experience and understanding of doing business in different fields.


I have worked for a long time as an entrepreneur and studied at the Helsinki School of Economics business law and entrepreneurship. In addition, I worked for almost twenty years in close collaboration with entrepreneurs in various sectors. I fully understand the pressure experienced by entrepreneurs and the fact that, especially in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is usually a question of combining business and entrepreneurial goals.

                   Aki Sopanen



  • Loikka Solution Oy's founding partner, Executive Consultant. (

  • Sales and management consultant, sales, leadership  and customer service coach

  • Experienced project manager

  • Parachutist (Finnish  championship silver medalist, national record  holder), surfer, jiujitero (BJJ) and wind tunnel flyer


I am a long line professional of leadership and sales development and entrepreneur. Since 2005 I have focused on helping companies in various industries to improve their business by developing sales processes, data-driven leadership and needed skills to execute plans successfully.

Improving my customers’ sales results, in particular, has always been close to my heart.


I founded Rema Partners Oy in 2008, which was merged with LiinWay Oy into Loikka Solution Oy in 2021. The journey as an entrepreneur has taught me almost as much about business challenges and coping with them as my hundreds of clients.


I’ve been called a pretty creative and quick problem solver and there is also some proof of that in my back pocket.

Meet The Team
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Markku Tolvi

GSM : +358 50 511 40 30

email :


 Aki Sopanen

 GSM : +358 40 587 06 79

email :

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